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Support us as a volunteer

The association Vereniging Vrienden van de Hoge Veluwe wants to live up to its 'friendly' name. While friends may not see each other every day, they remain genuinely interested in each other's lives and are there when needed. 

The association was founded on 9 October 1948 and currently has more than 2000 members, 300 of whom work as volunteers at the park.

Vereniging Vrienden van de Hoge Veluwe supports the park by supplying volunteers and funding small-scale projects. Despite what many people think, the Hoge Veluwe relies entirely on the income generated from ticket sales. The park therefore welcomes all volunteers.


Membership of the association costs €25 per annum. All members receive the quarterly magazine, which contains information about the activities pursued by the organization and information about important park developments.

Working groups

Members can stay up to date on the latest park developments by attending theme days, joining excursions, and reading the magazine. They can actively participate in one of the working groups, which includes flora and fauna researchers, nature guides, tour guides at the St Hubertus Hunting Lodge, grounds maintenance, the St Hubertus gardening group, public relations staff at the Visitor's Centre, or the park shop. Members can also join the editorial board of the quarterly magazine.

More information

Are you interested in supporting the park? Do you enjoy working outdoors? Would you like to help at a summer camp or make a similarly active contribution? Visit