• Price
  • Day pass for the Park


    € 11,30

    Children aged 6 to 13

    € 5,65
  • Day pass car or motor cycle

    To take your car or motorcycle in the Park, you need this day ticket in addition to your personal ticket. You can also park your car or motorcycle at the entrance. This costs € 3.90 a time.

    € 8,00
  • Day pass for a bus

    You will need to purchase this day pass in addition to an entrance ticket if you plan to enter the park with a bus.

    € 36,60
  • Day pass horse

    To enter the Park on horseback you need, in addition to your personal admission ticket, this day ticket for your horse. With this day pass you will receive a equestrian card at the entrance with the equestrian path system with 12 nodes.

    € 4,00