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Park rules

KorhoenDe Hoge Veluwe National Park (“De Hoge Veluwe NP”) wishes you an enjoyable stay in the Park. To ensure your enjoyment and that of others is not disrupted, all visitors are required to observe these Park Rules and Regulations. The following clauses do not apply to the Kröller-Müller Museum or the Sculpture Garden, which have their own access regulations.


Clause 1 TRAFFIC

1. The traffic signs and rules governing traffic on the public highway also apply in the Park, subject to the following:

a. Motorised traffic is only permitted on the paved roads; parking is only permitted in the car parks and on the roadside verges. Where the verge of the road is not clearly identifiable in the Park grounds, a 5m strip along the road counts as the verge.

b. The maximum permitted speed is 60 km/hr, the recommended speed is 40 km/hr.

c. Cycling is not permitted off the paved roads and cycle paths.

d. Walking is permitted anywhere in the Park except in the areas reserved for large game.

e.  Horseback riding is not permitted on marked walking or cycle trails, nor on the paved road surface. Horses may be ridden on the marked bridle paths and on the roadside verges. They may also roam elsewhere, except in the areas reserved for large game.

f.  Horse-drawn carriages are only permitted on paved roads and on the bridle paths. Please note, however, that large sections of the bridle paths are not suitable for horse-drawn carriages.


2. To avoid traffic congestion you must observe the instructions given by our staff. If you fail to abide by the rules of the road or to comply with instructions, the Park authority may remove your car from the Park at your own expense and risk.


3. Please ensure that your car is properly locked and that you do not leave any valuables in it. The Park authority accepts no liability for thefts from or damage to your car.


Clause 2 ACCESS

1. Your stay in the Park and use of the recreational and other facilities are at your own risk.


2. The Park’s hours of opening are posted at the entrances. Access to the Park is granted up to one hour prior to closing time. You may only enter the Park if you have a valid ticket. The ticket is valid for the day it is issued only or for the period stated on the ticket.


3. Visitors are required to retain their ticket while in the Park and to submit if for inspection if required by a Park attendant.


4. While in the Park all visitors are required to conduct themselves in an orderly and seemly manner, and in relation to the nature of the activity visited must comply with the applicable rules of decency.


5. Refuse must be placed in the waste disposal bins or containers located around the Park or taken with you.


6. The Park does not accept any liability what so ever for the consequences of tick- or snake bites or processionary caterpillar.



1. Feeding the animals or enticing them with food is prohibited.


2. Removing plants, twigs, flowers, moss, greenery, live or dead animals, antlers, etc. is prohibited. Violations of this ban will be reported immediately to the police.


3. Instructions given by Park attendants must be obeyed, in your own interests and that of your fellow visitors.


4. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash. They are not permitted in the buildings.


5. Animals/pets other than dogs and horses are not permitted.


6. You must observe the fire brigade regulations and signs. In the event of protracted drought, smoking in the Park is not permitted, neither is building fires. Smoking is also prohibited in the buildings.


7. The possession and carrying of weapons or objects that could endanger others is prohibited in the Park.


8. Acting boisterously and playing radios, cassette players and other audio equipment loudly is not permitted.



1. Parents or supervisors of children are responsible and accountable at all times for the conduct of the children they have brought with them. Teachers and supervisors of groups are responsible and accountable for the conduct of the members of the Group they are accompanying.


2. School parties and smaller groups of school children must be accompanied by one or more supervisors at all times during their visit to the Park and while visiting all buildings.


3. Visitors must comply with the instructions given by Park employees or the rules posted on signs for use of the recreational and other facilities.


4. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both, or who are disturbing the peace may be denied access.



1. You must report any damage you cause at the office, the Visitor Centre or one of the entrances before leaving the Park, or within 72 hours, in writing, to the Park management.


2. Visitors causing damage to the Park or its property are liable for the costs of repair or replacement as well as for all consequential losses.


3. De Hoge Veluwe NP accepts no liability for harm suffered by a visitor or injury caused to a visitor unless it is directly and solely attributable to Gross negligence or wilful intent on the part of the Park authority and/or Park employees.


4. De Hoge Veluwe NP is at no time liable for any damage caused to a visitor’s vehicle unless this damage is the result of a grave omission on the part of De Hoge Veluwe NP.


5. The Park is maintained with optimum care. In spite of this you may come across things of a less pleasant nature or may have suggestions for improvements. In that case, you are requested to inform the employees in the Visitor Centre or to fill in the (complaints) form you can find there or at each of the three entrances to the park and to hand it in on the spot or mail it to us.



1. Conducting promotional activities, providing services (including holding workshops etc.) and selling goods in the grounds of De Hoge Veluwe NP require written consent of the management.


2. Taking photographs and/or making films for professional purposes requires the prior written consent of the management.


3. Using the names De Hoge Veluwe and Jachthuis Sint Hubertus (Country residence/Museum Jachthuis Sint Hubertus) and the associated trademarks outside the Park also requires the prior written consent of the management.


Clause 7 REMOVAL

1. Park employees appointed as special investigating officers (BOAs) are authorized to remove people who do not comply with the Park rules and regulations from the Park (or to deny the use of the relevant facility). The person being removed will not be entitled to any compensation. At the same time, the ticket granting the person in question access to the Park may be withdrawn.


2. The Park management is authorised to deny anyone violating the Park’s rules and regulations further access to the Park. Where this is done orally, it will be confirmed in writing, stating the length of time for which it applies.



1. Articles found by the visitor in the Park must be handed in at the Visitor Centre or at one of the three entrances.


2. De Hoge Veluwe NP will make every reasonable effort to locate the rightful owner of articles found and to this end will keep in touch on a regular basis with the local police force in Ede. De Hoge Veluwe NP will dispose of found articles that have not been claimed three months after being placed in its custody, and whose rightful owner has not been located, as it deems fit. The rightful owner of a found article may either collect the goods him- or herself or have them sent COD. In either case the rightful owner is required to present identification if so requested.



1. During your visit to the Park you may not

a. damage or remove anything.

b. frighten animals.

c. swim, bathe or wade in or operate any watercraft on any waters Fishing is also prohibited.

d. camp outside De Hoge Veluwe NP’s campsite.e. remove white bicycles, rented bicycles, cargo bicycles etc. from the Park grounds.


2. The consent in writing of De Hoge Veluwe NP is required for:

a. erecting stalls, beach tents, wind screens, campers and tents etc. on Park grounds.

b. barbecuing. Note that consent can only be granted for the picnic area near the Landscape Garden and sites designated for this purpose.


Hoenderloo, April 2008

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