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Park rules


General Regulations

The Hoge Veluwe National Park is pleased to welcome you to the Park and we hope that you have a wonderful time here. In order to guarantee a safe and pleasant visit, there are certain rules and regulations that we request all visitors to respect and follow. These rules have been laid down in the General Rules. These rules do not apply to the Kroller-Muller Museum and the Sculpture Garden; they have their own General Rules.

Please read the following important information for schools and groups.




  1. Hoge Veluwe: The Hoge Veluwe National Park Foundation.
  2. The Park: the grounds that belong to the Hoge Veluwe National Park Foundation, including all buildings and building sites found there, which are owned by Hoge Veluwe.    
  3. Visitor(s): visitors to the Park.



Art. 1 Applicability


  1. Upon purchasing a ticket, e-ticket, or season ticket (Proof of Entrance), the purchaser explicitly accepts, without condition, the applicability of these rules. When a ticket is purchased at one of the entrances, the rules are on display. When an e- ticket or season ticket is purchased online, the purchaser must click a box in order to demonstrate having read the rules as well as to express agreement as to the applicability of these rules.   
  2. Once the Visitor enters the Park, he/she accepts the applicability of these rules and is obliged to follow any and all rules or regulations as expressed by an employee of Hoge Veluwe at all times during the visit.     
  3. For any or all situations in which a rule has not been previously stipulated, Hoge Veluwe reserves the right to create, either orally or in writing, a supplemental rule or rules governing said situation, of which the Visitors will be held to account.     
  4. These rules have been created in order to guarantee order and safety at the Park.



Art. 2 General


  1. Advertising of any kind, conducting public surveys, counts, collections, or the offering of goods or services in the Park is not permitted, unless previous written consent has been granted by Hoge Veluwe.   
  2. The explicit expression of religious and/or other sentiments, or the holding of demonstrations in the Park is not permitted, unless previous written consent has been granted by Hoge Veluwe.     
  3. While the visitor is in the Park, he/she is expected to be in proper accordance with public order, the proper customs and rules relating to the nature of the activity or activities being visited.    
  4. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings, except for in designated smoking areas.


5.       Taking photographs or making films is permitted as long as they are non-commercial in nature.

  1. The publication of audio/visual material featuring the Park in any way is not permitted, unless previous written consent has been granted by the Park.     
  2. It is possible that Visitors will be photographed or filmed while in the Park. Hoge Veluwe reserves the right to use this material for publication, taking Dutch portrait law into account when doing so.     
  3. The making of noise on purpose (as determined by Hoge Veluwe), and the audible use of radios, recorders, or other noise generating equipment is not permitted. Should it be determined that noise is being created on purpose, Hoge Veluwe personnel has the right to temporarily confiscate the equipment in question.  
  4. Visitors are not permitted to bring their own food or drink into any of the Park’s restaurants or cafes, unless it is done in specifically designated areas.
  5. Use of the name “Hoge Veluwe” or “St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge”, or any brands associated with those names, is not permitted unless previous written consent has been granted by the Management at Hoge Veluwe.      
  6. During a visit to the Park, it is not permitted to:
    1.                disturb the animals;
    2. swim, play in, or fish in the Park’s waters without permission;
    3. camp outside of Hoge Veluwe’s designated campground;
    4. to remove white bikes, rental bikes, carrier bikes, or other vehicles that have been rented or are the property of Hoge Veluwe, from the Park.   
  7. Without the written consent of Hoge Veluwe, it is not permitted to:
    1. To set up stands, beach tents, wind screens, campers and tents on Hoge Veluwe grounds, and
    2. To have barbecues. Permission to have a barbecue can only be given for the Picnic Field, near the Landscape Garden and in spots designated specifically for that activity.



Art. 3 Access


  1. Visitors enter the Park at their own risk.     
  2. Entrance to the Park is only permitted with a valid ticket. Visitors must enter through one of the official entrances.    
  3. The trading of, or counterfeiting of, tickets, coupons etc. for commercial purposes is not permitted and perpetrators will be reported to the Police.
  4. Season tickets and other such documents cannot be exchanged with third parties, traded for commercial purposes or sold.    
  5. Tickets must be displayed and shown to a Park employee should he/she request it during a visit to the Park.   
  6. In order to verify the identity of season ticket holders, it is possible that a Park employee requests a season ticket holder to remove sunglasses, head scarf or other article of clothing which covers the face, in order to make the verification, all of which will fully respect the personal lifestyle choices of the ticket holder.    
  7. Additional fees may be charged to enter certain areas of the Park.
  8. Tickets are only valid on the day of purchase, or for the period of time displayed on the ticket. The ticket’s set duration of validity cannot be extended.   


  1. If the ticket is not used, or not used in its entirety, no money will be refunded.     
  2. Tickets and/or season tickets shall remain the property of Hoge Veluwe. Tickets can be confiscated if the Park deems a ticket holder to have acted indecently or not in accordance with these rules.     
  3. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while visiting the Park. Parents, guardians, teachers, and group leaders are responsible for their children’s/group’s behavior at all times. Should the Park deem the behaviour of children, students, or group members to fail to be in accordance with these rules, the Park reserves the right to verbally confront the parents, guardians, teachers, or group leaders.     
  4. It is not permitted to climb over walls or fences.       
  5. Hoge Veluwe reserves the right to change opening times or days of operation throughout the season.     
  6. Hoge Veluwe is authorized to close an attraction or section of the Park without having to pay a refund to Visitors.    
  7. It is not permitted to be in the Park outside of normal opening hours. Access to the Park is permitted until one hour before closing time.     
  8. In the interest of safety, Hoge Veluwe reserves the right to deny Park access to new Visitors if the amount of present Visitors in the Park is too high.     
  9. School groups and parts of school groups must be accompanied by at least one or more group leaders at all times, while visiting the Park. This includes all buildings found within the Park.      



Art. 4 Traffic and Parking


  1. Both in the Park and its associated parking facilities, the 1994 Traffic and Roads law, as well as related legislation, apply. In order to prevent traffic stoppages, traffic instructions given by Hoge Veluwe employees must be followed at all times. If the given traffic instructions are not properly followed (at Hoge Veluwe’s discretion), the Park reserves the right to refuse admission of the Visitor’s vehicle, or to have said vehicle removed, at the full cost of the Visitor.    
  2. Cars and motorcycles must be parked in designated parking areas in the Park or on the shoulder of the Park’s roads.  If the shoulder is not clearly marked, it is considered to be an area covering 5 meters, next to the road. Scooter and mopeds must be parked in designated bike racks. Visitors park all vehicles at their own risk and Hoge Veluwe cannot be held responsible for any damage done to vehicles.    
  3. Motorized vehicles are only permitted on paved roads.
  4. The maximum speed limit in the Park is 60km per hour. The Park advises a speed of 40 km per hour.
  5. It is not permitted to ride bicycles off of paved roads or designated bike paths.     
  6. Walking is permitted throughout the Park, except for areas designated for wild game.    
  7. Horseback riders are permitted to use horseback routes as well as the shoulders of paved roads. With the exception of areas designated for wild game, paved roads, bike paths, and designated walking routes, horseback riders are permitted to ride anywhere in the Park.     

8.       Horse carts are only permitted on paved roads and or horseback routes. The majority of horseback routes are not suitable for horse carts.     




Art. 5  Safety and Liability


1.       Hoge Veluwe is in no way liable for personal damage and or theft, loss, misplacement, or damage to possessions belonging to Visitors that result from a visit to the Park, with the exception of cases involving conscious negligence on the part of Hoge Veluwe. Hoge Veluwe is also not liable for damage resulting from said loss, such as company damage or loss of income. In the event that Hoge Veluwe cannot sufficiently apply the aforementioned limitations on liability, the Park shall be held financially responsible for an amount totalling no more than the amount declared by the liability insurance plus Hoge Veluwe’s own insurance deductible.

  1. Trash must be deposited in the designated trash cans and / or containers positioned throughout the Park, or taken outside of the Park upon departure.     
  2. Visitors must return lost and found items to Hoge Veluwe employees at the Visitor Center or one of the Park’s three entrances.     
  3. The Police will be informed of any and all cases of theft that occur at the Park.
  4. Group leaders and chaperones are responsible for the groups and individuals they are accompanying during a visit to the Park. Said leaders will be held responsible for any damage caused by individuals under their supervision.  
  5. Instructions or directions given by Hoge Veluwe employees must be followed at all times.     
  6. The carrying of weapons or other dangerous objects, as deemed so by Hoge Veluwe, is strictly forbidden. Hoge Veluwe reserves the right to remove violators from the Park, with the assistance of the Police if necessary.    
  7. Visitors that are under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, or trade in / possess said controlled substances, or whom disturb the peace (as deemed so by Hoge Veluwe), can be refused entry to, or removed from, the Park without the right to a refund or financial restitution of any kind.     
  8. Reckless behavior, vandalism, physical or verbal abuse, or other disruptive or intimidating behavior with regards to other Park visitors (as deemed so by Hoge Veluwe) will not be tolerated in any way. Visitors guilty of this type of behavior will be removed from the Park immediately.     
  9. If a Visitor is confronted with a potentially harmful or dangerous situation, the Visitor must immediately notify a Park employee, also if damage has been caused by said Visitor himself. In such a case, the Visitor must notify a Hoge Veluwe employee before leaving the Park.     
  10. Visitors must follow all fire regulations at the Park. Bonfires are not permitted. In the case of drought, smoking is not permitted in the Park’s natural surroundings.     
  11.  Hoge Veluwe would like to inform all Visitors that camera surveillance is possible at all times in order to further the safety of Visitors and their possessions while visiting Hoge Veluwe.   
  12. It is not permitted to feed or entice the animals with food.    
  13. It is not permitted to remove the following items from the Park: plants, branches, flowers, moss, green vegetation, living or deceased animals, antlers or other natural objects. Violators will be reported to the Police.    









Art. 6 Use of the facilities


  1. The use of attractions, facilities and / or playground equipment is the sole responsibility of the Visitor.     
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, the attractions and other facilites are available for use by Visitors. Where indicated, certain attractions will need to be paid in full, on top of the price of admission, before being used.     
  3. When using attractions or other facilities, the instructions / rules of use noted on signs and or given by a Hoge Veluwe employee must be followed at all times.      
  4. For certain attractions some restrictions may apply, such as height and or age. If the Visitor doesn’t adhere to these restrictions, Hoge Veluwe employees are entitled to refuse admission or use of the attraction/facility without having to pay restitution of any kind.     
  5. Hoge Veluwe cannot be held liable for damage that may occur as a result of a Visitor’s refusal to adhere to, or negligence in following instructions / rules of use.



Art. 7 Clothing


  1. The wearing of bathing suits is not permitted, except for in swimming areas or the vicinity thereof.     
  2. Shirts must be worn at all times while visiting the Park, except for in swimming areas or the vicinity thereof.



Art. 8 Pets


  1. Pets are permitted as long as they are leashed. Pets are not permitted in the Park’s buildings.     
  2. The only pets or animals permitted to visit the Park are dogs  and horses.     



Art. 9 Rental products

1.       Bicycles, adapted bicycles, GPS machines and educational materials can be rented by the Park’s visitors. The aforementioned rental products available to Visitors will hereafter be referred to as ‘Rented Product’.       

2.       The Rented Product may only be used in accordance with its intended purpose and must be returned to Hoge Veluwe in the state the Rented Product was originally provided.  The Visitor will be held responsible for damage and or loss of the Rented Product, or parts of the Rented Product.   

3.       The rental price will be determined according to the rates as set down and clearly displayed by Hoge Veluwe. Rental amounts must be paid in cash previous to use, unless otherwise indicated.     

4.       If the Rented Product, or other Hoge Veluwe service, is not used, or used in full, no money will be refunded.     

5.       The rental period is the period beginning when the Visitor receives the Rented Product until the time the Rented Product is returned as is stated in the rental contract or agreed upon verbally. An extension of the rental period can only be granted by Hoge Veluwe at the extension rental rate previously determined by the Park. Early return of the Rented Product



terminates the rental contract but does not give the renter the right to receive a reduced rental rate.    

6.       The Rented Product must be returned at the location, and at the time, as agreed upon by the renter and Hoge Veluwe.

7.       Any deposits made by the Visitor with regards to costs incurred as agreed upon in the rental contract do not diminish the obligations facing the Visitor to pay possible remaining costs in cash, regardless of the Visitor’s right to pay full damages.

8.       Hoge Veluwe is in no way liable for damage resulting from the use of a Rented Product    



Art. 10 White Bikes


1.    Hoge Veluwe provides white bikes to Visitors which can be used for free. These white bikes will hereafter be referred to as ‘White Bikes.’        

2.    The White Bikes are parked in the bicycle racks in the Park. The White Bikes parked in these racks may be used by any Visitor of the Park.     

3.    The White Bikes cannot be reserved or secured with a lock.

4.    Hoge Veluwe is in no way liable for damage caused as a result of using one of the White Bikes. Any damage caused to a White Bike by the user of said White Bike must be paid by the Visitor using that bike, to Hoge Veluwe.     



Art. 11 Online ticketing (activities and entrance)


  1. Tickets can be purchased online. All e-tickets are marked with a unique bar code. E-tickets are sent to purchasers by email after the purchasing process is complete.     
  2. Hoge Veluwe cannot be held liable for incorrect or disfunctioning email addresses provided by the purchaser. The purchaser must produce good quality print-outs of the e-tickets and bring them to the entrance of the Park, where they are checked by Park employees.   
  3. Each e-ticket may only be used one time. The e-ticket loses its validity once the Visitor leaves the Park. Bar codes found on the e-tickets must not be folded or damaged in any way. E-tickets found to be illegible can result in refused entry to the Park.
  4. A 7 day ‘cool off’ period applies for all e-tickets purchased without a date, as stipulated in the ‘Purchasing from a distance’ Law. The Law does not apply to e-tickets purchased with a date, due to a limited availability of e-tickets.     
  5. Hoge Veluwe reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order without having to provide a reason. In this case, the purchaser is notified by email.     
  6. If the electronic payment of an e-ticket is not processed or authorized for technical, or other reasons, the e-ticket is deemed invalid. Hoge Veluwe can in no way be held responsible for this situation.     
  7. It is not permitted to use e-tickets for commercial reasons without the written consent of Hoge Veluwe. E-tickets cannot be used in combination with other promotional activities, unless otherwise noted. If the validity of the e-tickets has expired, it is not possible to  exchange the e-tickets or receive restitution in any form.     
  8. Hoge Veluwe respects the privacy of all Hoge Veluwe website users and ensures that all personal information provided by the purchaser will be treated confidentially. If the purchaser gives permission for the use of personal information, by clicking the appropriate



box for example, said personal information will be used to provide the purchaser with information about new Hoge Veluwe products and services.     



Art. 12 Force Majeure


  1. If Hoge Veluwe cannot fulfill its obligations due to Force Majeure, Visitors have no right to restitution and / or damage claims.     
  2. In the interest of these rules, and in addition to official Dutch law, Force Majeure should be interpreted to mean: any external causes, predicted or otherwise, of which Hoge Veluwe is powerless to influence, yet, at the same time, due to said causes, cannot fulfill its obligations. This includes, among others, the following: fire, accidents, disease, pandemic, strikes, civil unrest, war, governmental measures, and transportation restrictions.     



Art. 13 Enforcement


  1. Anyone who breaches these rules can be subject to the following consequences, without previous warning, as enforced by a Hoge Veluwe staff member:   
    1. A fine totalling a maximum of EUR 100,-- per rule infraction, subject to immediate payment;
    2. Refused entry to the Park; as well as
    3. Immediate removal from the Park
  2. Hoge Veluwe staff is authorized to:
    1. Give instructions to Visitors;
    2. Confiscate entrance tickets, and
    3. Confiscate forbidden goods or articles owned by Visitors for the duration of their visit to the Park.



Art. 14 Miscellaneous


  1. In any and all cases not covered by these rules, the Executive Management of Hoge Veluwe is authorized to make the final decision.     
  2. The lack of validity involving any rule or clause in these rules does not effect the validity of the remaining rules or clauses.




The Executive Management and staff at Hoge Veluwe wish you a wonderful visit to our Park.



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