De hoge veluwe - Natuur

Special bicycles

The Park wants to offer a special nature experience to as many people as possible.That means there is a wide range of adapted and special bicycles you can use.


The more the merrier! If you feel an individual cycling tour is too simple, just hire a tandem. The costs are € 10 per day.


You can reserve your bike(s) here.

Bicycles for disabled visitors

For disabled visitors, the Park has many different types of bicycles available, free of charge. They can be booked up to one day before your visit. This is important, because otherwise the Park cannot guarantee you will be able to use such an adapted bicycle on the day of your visit.

Wheelchair bicycles and tricycles

The Park has wheelchair bicycles and tricycles for adults and children. It is also possible to use a wheelchair bicycle to which you can connect your own wheelchair. 

Electric bicycles

The Park has electric bicycles, which are noiseless and have an easy-pedalling system (Antec). 

Easy-to-mount bicycles

The Park also has easy-to-mount bicycles. These are extremely suitable for visitors who find it difficult to get on and off a bicycle. Each bicycle has 3 gears and a back-pedalling brake. There are 6 of these types of bicycles available. 

A different way of cycling with the kids

Another way of exploring the Park is by cargo bike or rambling cart. This is ideal for parents with small children who cannot cycle yet.  

Cargo bikes

For these parents, the cargo bike is an ideal mode of transport. It has seven gears, which makes pedalling so much easier. It can carry no less than four small children.

Rambling carts

The rambling carts of the Park are ideal for parents who want to go for a walk with their young children.

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