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Jachthuis Sint Hubertus

Jachthuis Sint Hubertus


In the north of the Park stands Jachthuis Sint Hubertus, on a beautiful pond in a popular rambling area. Guided tours of the Jachthuis are given nearly every day, with special H.P. Berlage-themed tours during the winter months. During the holidays, there are also special guided tours for children.



The Saint Hubertus legend

The legend of Saint Hubertus served as a guideline for the design. Anton Kröller liked to hunt, and Helene Kröller was interested in the mystical aspect of the Hubertus legend. This legend tells the story of the conversion of Hubertus who in his youth had been a keen hunter. He repented, especially following a vision of a Red Deer with a luminous cross between its antlers and a voice that told him to better his life if he wanted to avoid hell. After having taken on the cross from the deer’s antlers - figuratively speaking - Hubertus retired to a monastery. 

Hubertus finally died in 727 as the bishop of Liege and Maastricht, and the Catholic Church later named him patron saint of the hunters. Berlage and the artists who worked with him have expressed the legend in the Jachthuis using a lot of symbolics (which was quite normal for art styles of around 1900).


As the map shows, the building is shaped like antlers. The tower with the cross incorporated in the masonry symbolises the luminous cross between the antlers. Berlage was an architect who designed in the style of the New Objectivity. This style allowed artists to show the individual beauty of constructive elements.

As Berlage designed most of the interior as well as many implements, the whole thing was perfectly geared to each other. This is enhanced by the repeated use of certain materials and shapes.

In his time, Berlage was a modern architect. The building is full of technical tours de force, such as central heating, a central clock system, a central vacuum system, an electric lift and Pullmann sliding windows.

Guided tours

The Jachthuis is an object of interest not only on the outside, the inside is also worth a closer look! Here you can see how Berlage implemented his ideas in the interiors of the different rooms; in the glazed stones, the tiles and the furniture.

Visiting the Jachthuis

Do you want to visit the Jachthuis? Tickets for a guided tour are available from the Visitor Centre or one of the entrances. An adult ticket costs € 4 and children between 6 and 12 pay € 2. Children under the age of 6 have free admission. 

The group maximum is 20 persons per guided tour. Unfortunately, the Park cannot guarantee that there are enough tickets on any given day, as the number of guided tours is limited. We recommend you ask at the entrance of the Park on the day of your visit.


Guided tours for groups can be booked in advance. The price is € 75 per guided tour. Reservations can be made by sending an e-mail to


Occasionally, a guided tour may not go ahead. In that case, the Park reserves the right to cancel the guided tour without having to state the reasons.

Guided tours for children

The regular guided tours of the Jachthuis can be a bit boring for children. Well, the guided tours for children are anything but! Children are told all about the special shape of the Jachthuis and about its first residents. The guide playfully introduces the children to this unique building.


Practical information 

The guided tour is suitable for children who are aged 6 to 12 and supervised by an adult. 
This tour takes place veery Tuesday during the school holidays at 13:30 and 15:00 hrs.

It takes 45 minutes and costs € 1.50 per child and € 3 per adult, exclusive of admission to the Park. Ticket can be purchased on the day of visit, at the Park entrances, at the Visitor Centre and the Tea House near the entrance of the Jachthuis (the Tea House is closed on Mondays)

Because Saturday 24 October is Heritage Day in the Province of Gelderland, there are guided tours for children and special activities throughout the day. More information and a schedule of the opening times will follow later.

Guided tours with an audio guide


Do you have foreign guests? Then the audio guide is ideal for them! We have English, German and French versions available. With the audio guide, you take part in the normal guided tour with the Dutch guide, while your guests can listen to the story in the chosen language via headphones. 

Do you want to use an audio guide? Ask the guide when the guided tour starts.


Jachthuis Sint Hubertus

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