Hoge Veluwe Run


The next Hoge Veluwe run will be organized on October 9, 2022.


Registration for the Hoge Veluwe run, Hoge Veluwe Loop in dutch, is possible from June 2022. You can register until October 8, 2022 8:00 am. By registering for participation in the Hoge Veluwe Loop you declare your agreement with the
Hoge Veluwe Loop Regulations (in Dutch)

Part of the registration fee for the Hoge Veluwe Loop serves as an entrance ticket to the Park. If you do not attend, you will need an entrance ticket to enter the Park. Buy your entrance ticket here:

entrance ticket

Not participating but still encouraging? You can purchase a ticket for the Park at the temporary entrance next to the service building (Dienstgebouw).


The results of the Hoge Veluwe Loop are known from Sunday afternoon 9 October and will be posted here.

Video impression? Watch the video of De Hoge Veluwe Loop of 2013 here.