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Activities for the next 7 days

Covered wagon ride with the nature guide

View the Park in a completely different way: by covered wagon.

Jachthuis Sint Hubertus - Guided tour

The Jachthuis is one of the most important monuments in our country. In the Jachthuis, guided tours are organized through the five main rooms.
Jachthuis Sint Hubertus


Visit our market with products from the area and their makers. Discover what the region has to offer!

Jachthoornblazers De Overlopers

Meet the special sound of the Hunting Horn of Hunting Blowers De Vereniging De Overlopers.

Saw your own Christmas tree

If you want a real christmas tree, you can go to The Hoge Veluwe National Park.
Holiday (kids)

The Crafting Bus

Come and be creative at the Crafting Bus!
For children

Christmas market

Experience the warm cozyness of Christmas at our Christmas market.


On December 4th, the Midwinterhoornblazers from Ugchelen will show a demonstration of this beautiful tradition

Easter market

The monthly market is transformed into a cozy Easter market.

Ukrainian Days


Nature Detective

Nature detective Jac. P. Struiner is his name. The search for tracks is his passion.
For children

Military Performance Tour on Horse (MPTTP)

Spectacular images on the High Veluwe

Early Bird Concert

De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the backdrop for a unique open-air concert for early birds.

Outdoor Meditation

Outdoor Meditation is a very special experience. You meditate outside in the nature, where you literally experience the elements of air, water, earth and warmth around you.

Cut your own bunch of heath

Cut your own bunch of Hoge Veluwe heath
Holiday (kids)

Park Paviljoen opening weekend

During the opening weekend there are guided tours through the Park Paviljoen. There is also music and a market with local products.

Ascension Day Early Entrance

On Ascension Day, it’s tradition for the Dutch to take a very early morning walk.

Find the egg!

Especially for all the young visitors (up to 12 years) searching Easter eggs on second easter day!

Weekend of the Horse

A weekend for those who love horses and nature!

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