Nature Detective

Practical information

Data: Weekdays from 10 July to 18 August 2023
Time: 1 pm - 3 pm. Around 2 pm 14:00 you leave with the Nature Detective from the Museonder for a scavenger hunt on foot.
Location: Museonder
Price: free (excl. Entrance park)

For children

Nature detective Jac. P. Struiner is his name. The search for tracks is his passion.

Under the inspiring leadership of the world-famous, but so mysterious Nature Detective Jac. P. Struiner we are looking for traces of animal crime. Of course, animals eat each other, but Jac. P. Struiner considers it his duty to investigate which animals are enemies of each other. Who is the victim, who is the killer and how does he make his dinner?

The detective urgently needs help in his fight against organized animal mafia. Are you able to track well, do you want to earn a research diploma and take a tracking package home with, among other things, a magnifying glass, police tape and gloves? Come to the Museonder on one of the mentioned days and do your atmost best!