Adjustment number of classifications

Wednesday 28 November 2018

Snapshot Hoge Veluwe has collected an impressive number of classifications since the launch, thanks to the efforts of thousands of dedicated volunteers. From these classifications we have found that the results stabilise after a certain number of volunteers have given their opinion.

This means that the resulting classification is stable and does not change with another person looking at it. This is called the ‘wisdom of the crowd.’ Our conclusion is that we can halve the number of times a photo is given to a volunteer.

This is good news, because it means with the same amount of people we can now process twice as many photos. This is very welcome, as we have a huge stockpile of photos, collected in the last 5 years, waiting to be analysed. In the meantime our cameras are still taking more photos every day. Who knows what special moments are hidden in these photos?

The coming time we will upload more photos from our archives. We will use the classifications to study how the distribution of animals varies in time and space, spread across the 6 main habitats of the Hoge Veluwe. We are particularly interested in the effect that prohibiting free roaming by people through the Park, which happened on 1 January 2016, had on the behaviour of ungulates.