Blue-winged grasshopper

This grasshopper is a typical inhabitant of barren, dry areas with low-growing vegetation and open areas.

They can be found in the park's sand drifts, dunes, and heaths. The grasshopper can be seen from June to October inclusive, and feeds off plants and grasses.

Males are 13 to 23 mm long and females are 20 to 29 cm long. They are light-brown with irregular dark and light patches. The blue-winged grasshopper owes its name to its bright blue hind wings, which can only be seen when the insect is in flight. Their upper legs are also bright blue. The brightly coloured wings are only visible when opened. The grasshopper cannot fly, but can glide several metres. Due to its large wings, it more closely resembles a butterfly than a grasshopper. Its bright colouration serves to keep enemies like birds at bay.