Wildlife spotting

Wild spots? Visit one of our observation sites and increase your chances!

De Hoge Veluwe National Park is also known for the great opportunity to spot game during your visit to the Park. For many visitors, it is the icing on a cake to a beautiful day, when they come face to face with a flock of mouflons or an imposing red deer. To increase the chances of seeing game and other animal species, the Park has built various facilities. At multiple places in the Park you can find a number of game observation and bird watching huts, where you have a greater chance of seeing wildlife. There are also several game pastures that you can observe from the road or the path. In total, the Park has three wildlife observation posts, four bird watching huts and five game pastures.

To increase your chances of spotting the wild game, it is best to visit the observation sites at the end of the day. Around this time, the animals become more active and the animals reveal themselves more easily.
For an overview of all locations, you can view our online map. Would you rather have a more detailed map with roads and hiking, biking and equestrian trails? Then it is available at the entrances and the Museonder for only 2 euros.